Sunday, 24 October 2010

Every Coin

Тιδιε xрεcмιнтε ἱ δακрεн.

Every coin have.3sg back.acc.
Every coin has a backside.

I've come up with my first Lurion proverb. It implies that every fortunate event can (but not necessarily must) be accompanied by a catch. When said to someone who is about to buy something or make some sort of deal, it is a warning that he or she must also look at the consequences and make sure it is not a scam; when someone notices that you or your deeds are not perfect, it can be used as a "that's life" apology.

Because the common people do not often use money, a more 'fitting' and of course more vulgar expression has come into existence: 
Тιδιι zωιc ἱ δακрεн. 
It literally means "Every animal has a backside," but "every animal has a behind / an arse" is obviously implied. In this context, the fortunate event is represented by a productive animal, whereas the catch is the feces and indirectly its food consumption.
However, it can also be used to state that everyone is but a human and therefore has his own flaws. It can be chanted whilst rebelling against an arrogant king; it can be exclamated when one is being punished for a mistake.

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