Tuesday, 12 October 2010


Єυтιε Καтαᴧυ!

And, ευтιε αнιδαᴧυ!, as I will turn 17 tomorrow. (Yay!) I am not planning on doing anything spectacular; we'll go out for dinner sunday and I've invited some of my friends for some movies and games on monday the 25th (busy schedules, I guess).

Cαφтυ ἁπтιφου ειοрι Cтрeπαн ευмοнει πрοрωнтιαн.

Softness pillow.gen cause.3sg Strepa.acc happiness.dat purr.prt.f.acc.
The softness of the pillow made Streepje purr with happiness.

It was Animal Day last week, and I thought my cats needed and deserved a new scratching post. It goes without saying, they were thrilled to bits. While one was sitting on it, the other thought it was an opportune moment to sharpen her nails and set her claws into her sister's behind; an act that was not much appreciated.

Πрοрοιн is of course an onomatopoeia, as well as мαυαιн ('to meow'). Also, the two Faias in cαφтυ ἁπтιφου have some onomatopoeiic value, I guess.

In spite of all the festivities, I think this might be one of the last Katalus. At least for a while. My other hobbies, gaming and gamemaking, are demanding too much time. I'm really getting a feel for online StarCraft 2, I've got one game to finish, one immense project to continue work on, and another to start. Not to mention the new Call of Duty coming out next month. Posting something weekly has appeared to be too much of a hassle. I might be posting irregularly just the same, but I can not make any promises.

Hail cats!

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