Sunday, 25 April 2010


Today I would like to look at the word ουрα. It generally means "sky" or "air", but as air is vital (without breathing you'd die), it also has a touch of "life" in it.

Ουрιδεр, for instance, means "breath", but also "mind" and "soul".
More importantly, ουрειн - "to live" has derived directly from ουрα. From there, ουрυ - "life" is formed.

Both ουрα and ουрυ are neuter. The first shows the suffix -α (which is normally a feminine suffix), but is conjugated as any other neuter word, dropping the α in any other case or number. This special neuter form is used for astrological phenomena, e.g. ᴧυнα (moon) or ceцα (wind), but not all, e.g. ἑᴧecε (sun) or ἱcтεр (star).

Please note that geological names (e.g. Βрιтαннια (Britain), Mοcκцα (Moscow) or Mιccιccιππια (Mississippi)) are in fact feminine, and are declined as such (e.g. Mοcκцαα - "of/from Moscow").


  1. Very very good one! I liked this concept very much. It's very interesting that they would derive the word for "to live" from "sky, air". I would like more about these astrological phenomena you mention. Particularly I liked how ἱcтεр (star) sounds.

  2. Yeah, I think the word ἱcтεр has something light and sparkly about it.